GPD Officer of the Month

On 8/9/2015, the Public Safety Dispatch Center received a report of an unresponsive female down in the water near the flagpole at Todd’s Point. A civilian that was near the female when she collapsed called out for help and began to pull her out of the water and onto the beach. P/O Welsh, while off duty at the beach with his family, observed the commotion and approached to render assistance. Upon pulling the female further out of the water onto the beach it was determined that she was not breathing and had no distinguishable pulse. P/O Welsh who in his youth was a lifeguard is also trained Emergency Medical Technician. P/O Welsh immediately took charge of the patients medical assistance performing CPR with the on duty Lifeguards. GEMS transported the patient to the Stamford Hospital Emergency Room where the patient began breathing on her own and was admitted to the Hospital in stable condition.

The Town of Greenwich is a designated by the Connecticut Department of Health as a Heart Safe Community. Greenwich Police Officers are the designated as first responders and are both trained and equipped to provide advanced first aid to the seriously ill and injured patients in a pre-hospital setting. Our officers’ response along with the expert paramedic services provided by our partners in the Greenwich Emergency Medical Service has been credited with saving lives.

“The highest calling of a police officer is to preserve life. P/O Welsh lived up to adage often espoused by those of us in Law Enforcement; Honor is never off duty. On behalf of the citizens of Greenwich I thank and commend Officer Welsh for his dedication to duty and the people of Greenwich.” – Chief James Heavey