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Detective Timothy Biggs Retires

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Biggs 2014

Detective Timothy Biggs Retires

Detective Biggs, a Greenwich native, was sworn in as a Greenwich Police Officer in February of 1986 and graduated from the 194th session of the Connecticut Municipal Police Basic Police Academy. In 1997 he was promoted to Accident Car Investigator (Master Police Officer) and promoted again in 2002 to Detective. Detective Biggs was also a long-serving member of the Departments Special Response Unit (SRU).

During Tim’s early career he distinguished himself by expertly solving many dynamic situations that required a quick and measured response. His success on the road as a patrol officer resulted in his being assigned for the last 12 years to the Detective Division.

Detective Biggs’ file contains numerous Departmental commendations for excellent police work and actions exemplifying the best tradition of police service. These commendations span his career from Patrol Officer to Accident Car to Detective. Detective Biggs’ commendations are representative of the full range of crime in Greenwich. He has received Chief Commendations for investigations and apprehensions for: Serious Accident Investigations, Auto Theft, Burglaries, Frauds, Homicides, Kidnapping, Auto and Foot Pursuits, and Robberies. He has also been recognized for his life-saving efforts on medical calls and his professional conduct during security details for Presidential visits and other dignitaries.

Detective Biggs’ efforts were always instrumental to the successful conclusion in many investigations. His outstanding investigative abilities resulted in his being recognized as the Officer of the Month in January 2011. Detective Biggs and his partners conducted a 12-month investigation into eleven Greenwich burglaries that ultimately resulted in the arrest of two career criminals and the recovery of thousands upon thousands of dollars’ worth of stolen property.

Detective Biggs file similarly contains numerous letters of appreciation from local citizens. They all recount his professionalism and compassion. Of special note is the letter detailing his act of genuine charity and humanity when he spearheaded a group of officers and citizens to assist a destitute and mentally challenged man getting home to Pennsylvania. He coordinated and cajoled many different institutions including a bus company to accomplish the task.

“Tim’s accomplishments are indicative of a highly accomplished and professional police officer who has positively affected so many of our citizens. We are fortunate that Tim will continue to share his institutional knowledge in retirement. Detective Biggs will continue to serve the Town of Greenwich as a volunteer Special Police Officer. I am very proud to have served with Tim and wish him the best in the next stage of his life.”

Multi-Agency Police Scuba Dive Team Training in Greenwich

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

P r e s s R e l e a s e

Contact: Lt Kraig Gray

Multi-Agency Police Scuba Dive Team Training

With the approval of a Federal Port Security Grant, the Greenwich Police Department is hosting several Regional Dive Team Training courses this week.

These courses focus on creating a foundation for training as a regional unit between police, fire and other public safety dive teams in the Region 1 ESF-20 Bridgeport Area Marine Group.

This advanced training is being participated by public safety divers from the Greenwich Police Department, the Milford Police Department, the Westport Police Department, Westport Emergency Medical Services, the Stamford Fire Department and the Connecticut State Police.
Public safety diving is specific work conducted by law enforcement, fire departments and search and recovery dive teams. Public safety diving is very different than recreational diving in many respects. Unlike recreational divers who plan their dives in advance and rarely “work” underwater, public safety dive teams must dive and work effectively in conditions frequently not suitable for recreational divers.

The training is being taught by Ed Hayes of Scuba Shack ,LLC which is the only Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) training facility in the Northeast. The GUE classes, along with their instructors have a set of standards and training methods much higher than the norm of any of the current available training in the scuba world. They offer classes and curriculum that other agencies do not and cannot offer. There are currently only nineteen instructors for GUE in the United States and the standards and training to become one is the highest in the underwater realm. The dive environments that our public safety dive teams encounter are amongst some of the harshest conditions and usually where some bad event has already occurred. GUE and their classes have evolved from the most difficult diving in the world, technical cave diving. With this development have come the most advanced techniques in propulsion, buoyancy control, team protocols and equipment configurations ever seen in diving.

With a limited number of dive teams in our region and each team having different levels of training for their specific departments, standardized training becomes a critical layer in the region’s ability to respond to any incident. Multi-agency responses during major events, manmade or natural, require the different dive teams to work together in a coordinated effort to provide the best opportunity to mitigate waterborne incidents. With the training we are currently receiving we are one step closer to that goal.

Any further question should be directed to: Marine Officer Tom Etense at (203) 622-8044

SATURDAY “Tribute to Heroes Motorcycle” to be unveiled

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

“Tribute to Heroes Motorcycle”

On Saturday March 15, 2014 The Greenwich Police Department will officially unveil their, “Tribute to Heroes” motorcycle during a ceremony which will begin at 1000 AM in the lobby of The Public Safety Complex, 11 Bruce Place, Greenwich, CT.

The Motorcycle has been elaborately painted in a fashion to honor the heroes of The 911 terrorist attacks on our Country.
The motorcycle also honors the three Greenwich Police Officers who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The motorcycle project was a collaborative effort by many members of the police department to include Sgt. John Slusarz, Officer Dave Stewart, and our motorcycle Officers assigned to the Traffic Section. Additionally, The Silver Shield Association provided financial support to the project.

The public is invited to attend the ceremony and coffee and light refreshments will be served.

Anyone seeking any further information should contact:

Sergeant John Slusarz
Phone: (203) 622-8015