GPD Retirements

Retirement Announcement
Captain Timothy Berry
1988 2013

Chief of Police James Heavey has announced the retirement of Captain Timothy Berry, who completed 25 years of service with the Greenwich Police Department.
On March 7, 1988 he was sworn in as a Greenwich Police Officer and graduated from the 209th Class of the Connecticut Municipal Police Basic Police Academy. He attended numerous police training and certification courses culminating with his attendance at the Roger and Williams University’s Police Executive Development course. Captain Berry’s assignments included Patrol Officer, Accident Investigator, and Field Training Officer.
Captain Berry was promoted through the ranks and held numerous command positions within the department. He would command three major divisions in the department beginning with the Traffic Section, the Operations Division, the Patrol Division, and finally, the Detective Division. Captain Berry also served as the Silver Shield Union Vice President and President from 2001 to 2004.
Captain Berry received numerous departmental commendations for excellent police work and actions exemplifying the best traditions of police service. He has been recognized for his actions in various police-related situations. They range from administrative awards from MADD to the apprehension of a child molester, each demonstrating his excellent police work.
Captain Berry was recognized with the department’s most prestigious award, the John J. Clark Award. He received that honor twice. First in 1994, he was commended for his courageous action in the face of gunfire while pursuing armed robbery suspects. Again in 2006, his efforts were commended for the creation and implementation of the STEP program which was credited with the reduction of the number of traffic accidents in the Town of Greenwich.
Captain Berry was often assigned to manage many of the major events in town directly supervising numerous security details from Presidential and foreign dignitary visits, parades, and town events.

“…as I reflect back on Tim’s service I can recall many moments when his skills and attributes had served the town. Tim could be relied upon to rapidly assess a situation, render a candid response and act decisively. I wish him luck in his next career.”
Chief James Heavey ======================================================================================================================================================
Retirement Announcement
Officer Liza Zack
1987  2013

Chief of Police James Heavey announced the retirement of Police Officer Liza Zack who has completed over 26 years of service with the Greenwich Police Department.
Officer Zack was born, raised, and educated in Greenwich graduating from Greenwich High School. Officer Zack followed in her family’s footsteps of providing emergency service to the town, where in both her father and brother has served as Town of Greenwich Firefighters. Her father was a longtime Volunteer Fire Chief and her brother is currently serving as a career Lieutenant in the Greenwich Fire Department. That spirit of commitment to the emergency services continues within her immediate family. Her husband, Ed Zack, is a retired Greenwich Detective and her children are currently active in the Emergency Medical profession.
In March 1987 she was sworn in as a Greenwich Police Officer and graduated from the 202nd Class of the Connecticut Municipal Police Training Council’s Basic Police Academy in June 1987. Officer Zack’s assignments included the Patrol Division and the E911 Communications Center. Officer Zack was one of the first officers assigned to the Domestic Violence Investigative unit.
Officer Zack’s file contains departmental commendations for excellent police work. These actions were exhibited in diverse situations over the years ranging from medical awards, accident investigations, to the apprehension of wanted criminals. Moreover, much of Officer Zack’s file reflects a commitment to more than just the enforcement of the law but the other important function of a municipal police department — community service. The Chief’s office has received many notes and letters of recognition from citizens of Greenwich and executives of local institutions. The letters extolled her positive participation in charity events, blood drives, and youth mentorship programs. Each detailed her specific accomplishment with the consistent use of certain descriptive attributes of Officer Zack: professionalism, diplomacy, maturity, calming demeanor, finesse, and poise. The overriding theme of all the letters was Officer Zack’s genuine compassion for the citizens of Greenwich. In discussing her retirement, Officer Zack felt that her role as a police officer was always about service to the community. “I came on this job because I wanted to help people. It almost sounds too simple, but there it is.”

“Officer Zack lived up to the department’s vision to improve the quality of life within Greenwich, while at the same time maintaining respect for individual rights and human dignity. Liza really is a people person who was always ready to lend an ear to a friend or citizen in need. I am very proud to have served with Liza and wish her luck in her new career.” said Chief Heavey

In retirement Officer Zack will continue to serve the Town of Greenwich as a volunteer Special Police Officer and will also take a new job as a civilian dispatcher at the Redding CT Police Department.