Sharing the Roadway: Bicycles and Motor Vehicles

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October 22, 2012

Bicycles and Motor Vehicles
Sharing the Roadway

The Greenwich Police Department routinely receives complaints from its citizens regarding traffic and roadway use: speeding, traffic signal violations, tailgating, etc. Recently, there has been an increase in complaints referencing bicycle use of the roadway and sharing the road with vehicles. Greenwich roads are often filled with large numbers of weekend bike riders particularly among the back roads in northern Greenwich.

As a reminder, bicycles are required to follow the State of Connecticut General Statues Motor Vehicles laws. All of these laws are written to insure that cars, trucks, bicycles and pedestrians never come in contact with one another. A few relevant statues that apply to bicyclist are:

State Statute CGS. 14-286b, which dictates (among other things) that:
(a) Bicycles shall stay as near to the right side of the roadway as possible.
(b) Persons riding Bicycles shall not ride more than two abreast in the roadway.
(c) When riding two abreast the riders shall not impede the normal and reasonable movement of traffic.

As with cars, all stop signs and red lights must be obeyed by bicyclists also.

Motor Vehicles must also be reminded to utilize care when passing bicyclists that are legally operating on the roadways as stated in CGS. 14-232.

One more pertinent Statute for cars is CGS. 14-242(f), which dictates (among other things) that:
A person operating a vehicle who overtakes and passes a bicyclist proceeding in the same direction shall not make a right turn at any intersection or into any private road or driveway unless the turn can be made with reasonable safety and will not impede the travel of the person riding the bicycle.

When these rules of the road are not followed by either motorist or bicyclist, it creates an unsafe environment for everyone. The Greenwich Police Department encourages the safe shared use of the roadways of Greenwich.