BREAKING NEWS: GPD catch ANOTHER burglar in the act.

Look for a new TV drama called “the Midnight Shift.”

Fresh off of catching a half-dozen burglars in the last several weeks, the GPD Midnight Shift caught another burglar in the act this morning. This one was at the Shell Station on East Putnam Av (formerly the Mobil on the Run) where a couple of years ago, the attendant was shot during a robbery.

What is more remarkable about this is that this is the second time in a month that the Midnight Shift caught a burglar with an audible alarm ringing. The first was the arrest of Mark B. Johnson who was caught burglarizing two homes in “back-country Cos Cob.”

One police veteran of nearly 20 years said that it is a “one in a million shot” that police anywhere catch a bad guy in the act with an audible alarm ringing. The alarm warns the burglar that the cops are on the way and the bad guy will take what he can an flee promptly. But the alacrity, teamwork and experience of the GPD Midnight Shift has foiled two burglars in the act, and resulted in the arrest of several more.

We are blessed to have them protecting our Town of Greenwich.