“Superman” Tased

On Thursday, at the Greenwich Hyatt a young man dressed as Superman was “tased.” No, it was not an “EDP” (“emotionally disturbed person”), or a “perp” — it was an aspiring police officer. Robert Warnecke, a graduate of the Greenwich Citizens Police Academy (“GPD CPA”) Class of 2011, who hopes to become a police officer, donning a “Superman” shirt under his suit, volunteered to be the target of taser darts and thousands of volts of electricity on the cue of GPD Sgt. Michael Reynolds in a staged presentation at the second annual reunion of the GPD CPA Alumni Association.

Nearly 200 alumni and police officers filled the Grand Ballroom at the Old Greenwich hotel and witnessed not only the taser-stunning, but a GPD K-9 “bite” demonstration at the program after the dinner. Guests took advantage of the photo-op on one of the GPD motorcycles and even bid in a silent auction on uniquely police items. Funds raised at the event benefit the public works of the GPD Silver Shield Association and might help fund another class of the CPA.

The group heard from First Selectman/Police Commissioner Peter Tesei who said how proud he was of the GPD community policing program, and GPD Chief James Heavey. Chief Heavey, who recently returned from an FBI school for police chiefs told the audience how he was the envy of the other chiefs when they learned that in addition to his 155 sworn officer, he had over 300 CPA graduates to help his agency. He told the CPA alumni that he considered them “on the job” (police lingo, nationally, for a fellow officer). The Chief told the alumni that he intended to utilize their training to start a “CERT” (Citizen Emergency Response Team) in the Town of Greenwich.

Sgt. Reynold gave a recap of the GPD benchmark events of 2011, including an engagement of two GPD officers which happened the night before, and plans for the 2012 CPA, as well as the possibility of a CPA for high school students. The CPA alumni were also recruited for the Community and Police Partnership (CAPP) also run out of the Community Impact Office which Sgt. Reynolds runs.