October GPD Officers of the month.

Officer of the Month
November, 2011
Sergeant James Bonney
Marine Officer Francesco DiPietro
Marine Officer Josh Repik

On 10/13/2011 at 11:36 AM the Rye Police Department contacted the Greenwich Police Department and requested mutual aid assistance. Rye PD reported that three fishermen were stranded on a rock in a rising tide approximately 50 yards off the shore of Rye New York. There was a stiff 35 knot easterly wind with 4 to 8 foot swells crashing over the rock the fishermen were stranded upon.

The GPD Marine Section responded to the scene in Greenwich Police Boat #124. Three officers were on board, Sgt. James Bonney, Marine Officer Josh Repik, and Marine Officer Francesco DiPietro.

Upon arriving on the scene, Rye PD Marine Officer Michael Kelly was transferred from the Rye Police Boat to PB #124 and assisted in the rescue. He had intimate knowledge of the tight quarters within the under water rock field where these persons were stranded.

Marine Officer Repik manned the helm of PB #124 and held the vessel steady in the rough seas as Marine Officer DiPietro and Kenny assisted Sgt. Bonney, who had donned a dry (crew) suit and entered the water in a 8’ foot plastic dingy. The dingy was tethered to PB #124 with a 200’ foot long line. Sgt Bonney was able to row up to the 3 stranded fishermen and give them all life jackets. All three of the stranded fisherman did not speak English and were unable to communicate with the Sergeant Bonney as he attempted to give them instructions.

The two male fishermen, obviously fearing for their lives and not understanding the instructions given, physically tossed the third female fishermen into the dingy. When the female fisherman landed in the boat it caused it to capsize throwing Sergeant Bonney and the female fisherman into water. The female fisherman was rescued by Sergeant Bonney, placed in the now swamped dinghy, and then the half swamped boat was physically pulled back to PB #124 by the marine officers onboard.

The Chief of the Rye Police Department as well as the Rye Police Commissioner, who were on shore observing the operation, determined that it was too dangerous to attempt to rescue the remaining two fishermen with the boat. The Westchester County Helicopter was dispatched to the scene and rescued one of the remaining fishermen from rock jetty and one from the water surrounding the rock jetty. All three subjects were checked out my Rye EMS personnel and released.

“This is clear demonstration how effective training, professionalism, and cooperation makes a difference in public safety. The selfless actions of our officers and those from Rye bring great credit to themselves and the Police Profession.”
Chief James Heavey

Sgt. James Bonney, Marine Officer Josh Repik, and Marine Officer Francesco DiPietro are commended for their heroic actions.