Weeping Dam


Some concerns have arose concerning the Dam behind Direct Media. Emergency Management Director Warzoha informed this office that a request has been made for The State of Connecticut Dam Inspection Team to respond to evaluate the current state of this Dam. The State has acknowledged that they have received this request and will hopefully be able to respond in an reasonable amount of time. Their office has received numerous requests to inspect Dams throughout the state due to the high volume of rain recently.

Important to realize that this Dam was constructed with “Weep holes” built into the wall of the dam. These holes are designed to alleviate the water pressure during times such as these, so what some might think is cracking in the dam could in fact be the “weep hole” releasing water to alleviate the pressure.

The Dam will continue to be monitored by town officials and if its condition becomes a major concern, Director Warzoha will activate the reverse 911 system to inform area residents of any possible emergency