Burglary Interrupted. Suspect caught.

GPD Press Release

Interrupted Burglary

Approximately 10:15 AM GPD Dispatch received a 911 from a sixteen year old male resident on Halsey Drive. The sixteen year old was reporting that he was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom when he was awakened by a loud noise coming from the first floor. When he went to investigate, he found the rear door smashed open and two unknown youths in his kitchen. When the unwanted youths realized that there was a resident home, they immediately fled. The sixteen year old resident then called 911 with a description of the suspects.

Numerous officers from the Greenwich Police Department where detailed to the area. An officer located several youths matching the suspect(s) description on Havemeyer Lane near the Stamford town line. The suspects immediately fled and engaged the officer in a foot pursuit.

Officers from the Stamford Police Department were also detailed and assisted in the search for the suspects. GPD apprehended the suspects a relatively short distance away and without incident. No one (the homeowner, the suspects, or any officer) was injured during the incident. Currently there is one adult and one juvenile in custody with more arrests to follow.

Full arrestee information will be released 08/02/2011 with the daily’s.