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Was “Soft Porn” Filmed at GHS?

Saturday, May 28th, 2011


Dear Parents, About a month ago, we were approached by the producers of a show called “The Big C” and asked if they could film two scenes at GHS. They described the content of the scenes verbally and we agreed to allow the filming. There are now accusations that very inappropriate material was filmed, particularly under the bleachers of Cardinal Stadium. When the accusations were brought to our attention, we contacted the producers to ask what had been filmed. The following is from Superintendent Freund’s office:

“In response to a query made by a GHS parent regarding the filming of a scene for Showtime’s “The Big C”, the Greenwich Public Schools (GPS) have been assured by producers of the program that claims of nudity and body doubles were unfounded and that great care was taken in how the scene in question was shot. They feel confident that when the scene is broadcast in 8 weeks, it will be clear that the scene was done in good taste. Additionally, the producers assure that all federal statutes and union guidelines for minors were strictly adhered to during the filming. The description of the scene that was provided to the GPS during the facilities use approval process stated ‘Boy & Girl kiss underneath the football bleachers.’ While our understanding is that the scene did contain a shot of the girl with her shirt off, she did have a sports bra on. For future filming requests we will require more detailed scene descriptions and/or scripts.”

It should be noted that GHS will in no way be identifiable in the show—it’s meant to portray a high school in Minnesota—and no GHS students or residents witnessed the scene shoot. I hope this clarifies what transpired and puts to rest some of the rumors milling about. Thank you and have a great weekend.

Chris Winters, GHS Headmaster

Email from Sup’t on Resignation

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Dear Greenwich School Community,

On Monday, May 16, 2011, I tendered my resignation as the Superintendent of Schools.  The effective date has not been finalized.  I will likely serve as the Superintendent through the summer months to ensure a smooth school opening.  Speculation will likely abound as to the reasons for my early departure.  Personal and professional factors weighed heavily on my decision to resign.  This has not been an easy decision.  I poured my heart and soul into Greenwich.  I have worked hard to re-instill public confidences in our schools and its leadership.

The future success of the Greenwich Public Schools rests with each of you.  I have stated repeatedly that hiring, training and retaining great teachers and administrators will produce the results that the community expects.  There is a strategic plan in place and if the schools are permitted to stay focused on that plan, then our children will benefit, and Greenwich will achieve greatness.  I am confident in our team.

It’s unlikely that the residents of Greenwich, or any community for that matter, will ever fully agree on the direction of a school; however, it is important that all engage in honest and respectful dialogue.  It is also important that the Greenwich community become unified and supportive of a direction once it has been publicly debated and agreed upon by a majority of the elected Board.

Greenwich has the human and material resources at its disposal to become the premier school district in the country.  I hope that the Board and the community will remain focused on the “big prize”, the children of our community.

Thank you for all of your encouragement and support.  Best wishes.


Sidney A. Freund


Greenwich Public Schools

Two More Event for former GPD Officer

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

The Greenwich Police are continuing to take care of their own.

Roger Petrone, forced to retire from GPD due to advanced ALS, will be the beneficiary of two more fundraisers (in addition to the Ride for Roger organized by Lt. Cochran mentioned in an earlier post).

One event will be a basketball game between GPD officers and GHS players at Greenwich High School on June 2. For more information contact Officer Vincent O’Banner at 203 622 8039.

Another, event will be a “10-13” block party at the bottom of Greenwich Avenue on July 17. Details to follow.