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GPD: Sex Offender Rumor False

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

From the GPD Community Impact Office

The Greenwich Police Department would like to inform its citizenry to please disregard any emails or flyers you may receive regarding a sex offender residing in town, on Nimitz Place. This is a situation that we have been monitoring and can assure you, that this individual is not residing on Nimitz Place or anywhere within the town of Greenwich. It appears that there originally was intent to move to town, however his failure to properly register has caused him to look elsewhere for residency.

Please refrain from spreading any false information you may receive from outside sources.

GPD exam

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Below is the website for the Greenwich Police Officer’s exam.

Please pass on this information if you know anyone who would like to take the test.

Will Speaker Boehner be a “no show” in Stamford tomorrow?

Friday, April 8th, 2011

With the budget crisis looming, those who paid a high price for tomorrow night’s Republican State Central dinner in Stamford are wondering if the guest of honor, House Speaker John Boehner will be a no-show.

According to one member of the State Central, the Speaker is still planning to come and this “will be the first event with the Speaker since the budget battle was heightened today.” Apparently, the organizers just completed a “run-through” with Speaker Boehner’s staff and security detail. (The Speaker is next in line to be President after the Vice President, so security is tight.) Speaker Boehner has requested that the dinner be off the record.

A few tickets are still available through State Central.

BREAKING NEWS: Chief Ridberg John Clarke Award Honoree

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Noon, April 7, 2001 — Hyatt Old Greenwich — Last April Chief David Ridberg was an “excuse” and today he is an honoree.  Each year the Greenwich Lions Club gives an award – the Dr. John Clarke Award — to the outstanding Greenwich Police officer of the year.  The recipient doesn’t know he or she is to receive the award until he or she arrives at the ceremony, typically at the Hyatt.  In 2010, Lt. Rick Cochran, showed up at the event believing Chief David Ridberg was to be the recipient when in fact Cochran was the unsuspecting honoree.

This year Chief Ridberg IS the recipient, being lured to the ceremony on the belief that one his detective, Mark Solomon would get the coveted award.  The diversion was a masterstroke, being so plausible.  After all, Detective Solomon was the Silver Shield Officer of the Year and has been honored on the national level by the FBI and Department of Justice for his working in breaking up an ATM skimming ring.  Detective Solomon is the national expert on that crime.

Chief Ridberg, age 49, whose current contract expires in November, is a most deserving recipient.  A 27-year veteran of GPD, Ridberg is slated to retire this year. He rose through the ranks to become Chief in 2007.  He was hampered in the beginning of his term as chief due to a series of pending law suits against the GPD.  The agency was under a court injunction preventing promotions, so Ridberg was a Chief without a command staff.  Upon the settlement of the suit, Ridberg oversaw the reorganization of the GPD and promotion of four Lieutenants to the rank of Captain.  He is still without a Deputy Chief some in the Town of Greenwich are urging that he remain beyond November to help an heir-apparent through the next budget cycle.  Ridberg is also credited with bringing in the new GPD headquarters building early and under budget, as well as building morale among the officers.

The Award was chosen by the four Captain and Capt. Tim Berry spoke on behalf of the group. In eloquent fashion, he touched upon the obstacles the new chief faced and told of the respect the Chief receives from his officers.

State Representative Fred Camillo gave the Chief a General Assembly commendation on behalf of State Senator Scott Frantz, State Rep. Livvy Floren, State Rep. Lile Gibbons and himself.

Chief Ridberg is a graduate of Greenwich High School (Class of 1979) and served in the U.S. Air Force from 1979-83, achieving the rank of sergeant. The Clarke Award is not the first honor the Chief has since received.  He has been honored with several awards and commendations, including the Town Award of Excellence.  The Dr. John Clarke Award is named after the first President of the Greenwich Lions Club who died in 1944, after years of service at the GPD medical adviser.

In addition to State Rep. Camillo numerous officers were in attendance as were past recipients and several elected officials including Tax Collection Tod Ladondia, and Selectman David Theis and Drew Marzullo. First Selectman Peter Tesei had a scheduling conflict.

Fundraisers for ALS honor GPD Cop

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

On Saturday there was a successful fundraiser for a cure for “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” (Amyotrophic lateral scleros) in honor of GPD Sergent Roger Petrone who is stricken with ALS. The event, at the Greenwich Girls and Boys Club was organized by the officer’s 8-year old daughter, Sdyney.

Now fundraising begins in the annual “Ride for Roger” bike challenge for the same good cause. Below is a letter from GPD Lieutenant Rick Cochran who makes the lengthy(270 mile)  trek each year.

CONTRIBUTE by clicking HERE.

Dear Family and Friends;

CODE 1013 is the universal radio distress signal for “officer down”. The Greenwich Police Department has CODE 5000, which means “officer needs assistance. SGT. Roger Petrone of the Greenwich Police Dept. needs our assistance. Greenwich Police Sergeant Roger Petrone, my personal friend, is suffering from ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Patients with ALS live an average of 2-5 years. It’s always fatal – there is no cure!!

Roger was diagnosed just over 3 years ago and I hate to say Roger is fading fast. He is now confined to a wheel chair, has lost all use of his arms and legs, and is incomprehensible when he tries to speak. Roger is only 44 years old with an8-year-old daughter who he can no longer hold. Roger has been a Greenwich Police officer for 18 years.

Roger led a very active life until the symptoms of ALS completely consumed his body. He was a member of the SWAT team, a pilot who flew to Maine on the weekends and he enjoyed riding his Harley and working out. Roger cannot perform his required duties as a police officer anymore and was informed he could no longer work at the Greenwich Police Department serving the community he has come to love.
This July 22nd- July24th I will once again bike 270 miles from Boston to Greenwich for my friend and police partner Roger. This will be the third year that Team Greenwich Police will ride in the “RIDE for ROGER”.

Last year because of caring donors like you I was able to raise over $9,000 that went to Roger, his daughter, and the quest to find a cure for ALS. There will be seven officers from the Greenwich Police Department who will be biking this year in honor of Roger.

I have committed to raising at least $9,000 again this year, and to train my body to cycle 270 miles in 3 days. The course is grueling and the training intense, donating is the easy part. Three hundred riders rode last year. We all ride in honor of Roger. Let’s hope next year’s ride is not in memory of Roger.

Help me reach my goal. Help us find a cure! Every small amount helps and all your support will help me reach my desired goal. Please make your checks payable to: Tri-State Trek and return your donation to me so I can submit them in honor of Sgt. Roger Petrone. If you prefer, you can donate online on my fundraising page: All donations are tax deductable.

Thank you for any donation.