Tear-jerker Tomorrow

It brings tears to my eyes just think about the funeral Saturday of the young Greenwich Police Officer, 44-year old Jim Genovese.

The Silver Shield has quite a tribute in store. Tomorrow’s funeral will be at St. Mary’s on the Avenue at 10 a.m. But the real heart-breaking ceremony will be as the funeral motorcade drives down Greenwich Ave. towards the Havemeyer post that Office Genovese staffed for many years. The procession will pull into Police Alley, the officer’s widow and young daughter will be escorted by a partial honor guard (missing man formation) to the Havemeyer intersection. A memorial wreath will be placed On the dot” at the intersection. Dispatch will make a ceremonial “last call” to the “Havemeyer Man” over the PA. A bugler will play taps – with an echo bugler in front of the Board of Ed building.

The intersection will eventually be staffed — but there will always be a hole in our hearts for the affable “Havemeyer Man.”