BREAKING NEWS: Active GPD Officer Dies Suddenly.

Most people know him as the traffic officer near Starbuck at the corner of Havemeyer and Greenwich Avenue. The officer too nice to scold jay-walkers.  The cop with the ready smile.   Jim Genovese, only 44, died suddenly at 10:30 last evening at the Westchester Medical Center.  The cause of death has not been released.  He leaves a wife and 5-year old daughter.  Funeral arrangements have not been announced.

As one police officer said: “The Greenwich Police Department lost a dear, sweet man tonight.  He was part of our family.  Many of you had contact with Jim on an every day basis, he was the jolly happy fellow who directed traffic on Greenwich Avenue at Havemeyer Place. Jim always had a smile on his face and if you ever had any interaction with him he always put a smile on your face. Jim used to say “When an old man dies, a library is lost”, We all wish he could have made that library much bigger before he left us. Jim had recently completed 20 years of service for the Greenwich Police Department.”

What a lost for the Town of Greenwich.