Camillo Becomes a Fire Cop


Joe Kaliko, President of the Cos Cob Fire Police Patrol, Inc. (the “Patrol”) announced today that State Representative Fred Camillo (R-D151) had applied for membership in the Patrol.  This past Wednesday, February 9, 2011, the Patrol voted to induct Representative Camillo as an Associate Member.

Fred was sworn in today, February 12, 2011, by Chief Brian Kelly in a ceremony held at the Cos Cob Firehouse. Fred has expressed an interest in learning more about the needs of the volunteer firefighter community in general, statewide. In fact, he has already been active sponsoring H.B. 5054 AN ACT CONCERNING INDEMNIFICATION FOR VOLUNTEER FIRE COMPANIES, VOLUNTEER FIRE POLICE PATROLS AND VOLUNTEER AMBULANCE SERVICES” pending before the state legislature.  This legislation seeks to put on par with municipally employed emergency service providers, the same indemnification and defense provisions municipalities are now obliged by statute to extend only to paid staff.

Additionally Fred has expressed a desire to learn more about Fire Police Patrols operating throughout  the state; and how these resources can be best utilized in a tough economy to save the state and strapped municipalities money.Many people do not even know what a Fire Police patrol is.  There are even some who do not appreciate just how much volunteer service providers, such as volunteer firemen and ambulance workers, enhance a municipality’s emergency service provider portfolio.  Fred’s membership in our organization will help change that.

We understand that Fred plans “from the “inside” to and evaluate the needs of volunteer service providers and how those needs could be addressed via the legislative process at the state level; and via ordinance or policy at the local level. Speaking on behalf of the Patrol, we are very proud and honored that Representative Camillo has taken an active interest in our organization and welcome him to the Patrol.